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Cymatherapy Services

In a Cymatherapy appointment you will receive specific sound healing codes to support your body's natural ability to heal itself. These audible sounds are emitted by the Cymatherapy machine and received into the feet through soft gel pads on the machine. 


Initial Intake Appointments are 90 minutes in length and include:

Review of your history and concerns

Education about sound, vibrational healing and Cymatherapy

Discussion of available protocols

Experience a sound protocol during your session

Optional essential oils, energy balancing and guided meditation

Fee: $145

Follow Up Appointments are 75 minutes in length and include:

Review of your response to the last session

Additional education if needed

Application of protocol 

Optional essential oils, energy balancing and guided meditation

Fee: $115

Cymatherapy Only: For established clients who would like to receive the benefits of the AMI without additional services who have an established program, the fee is $1/minute for the length of the program they choose. 

As an Add-On Service: If you are coming in for a one-hour counseling, individual Energy Healing appointment or

2 practitioner Reiki Session, you may add Cymatherapy for $25 to the fee for your session

Workshops and Classes: Dylan also offers workshops and classes in Sound Healing. Please e-mail Dylan for current schedule of classes at 

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