Some Examples of AMI Protocols Include:

Acne Support

Adrenal Support
Anxiety Support
Arthritis Support
Cardiovascular system support


Digestive system support

Endocrine System
Immune System Support

Kidney Support

Mental Clarity

Meridian Balance

Musculoskeletal Support

Pain Relief Support

Respiratory System
Sleep Support

          Cymatherapy is a type of advanced sound healing based on research in the field of Cymatics. Sound frequencies which mirror healthy cells are used to stimulate healing in the body, optimizing one's ability to resolve physical and mental health concerns. 

          The AMI 750 is an Acoustic Massager which allows these audible sounds to be taken into the body through the feet which rest on soft gel pads. Unlike with the use of Tuning Forks and Crystal or Tibetan Bowls for Sound Healing, the Cymatherapy technology allows for a more precise method of natural healing.

          Dylan Mariah offers Cymatherapy in her practice as a Holistic Health Educator and Service Provider in Rochester, New York.

          Using the Acoustic Meridien Intelligence (AMI) technology by itself as well as in combination with other natural modalities such as Reiki, Counseling, Guided Meditation and Essential Oils, Dylan is able to offer natural healing sessions which  leave her clients feeling deeply rested, balanced and renewed.

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Cymatherapy sessions are available Monday through Saturdays by appointment only.

Contact Dylan for more information or to schedule your appointment. 

Cymatherapy Health

​​with Dylan Mariah

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